A Learning and Growing Community

The goal of Small Group Coaching is to establish a learning and growing community.

  • Coaching received in a group offers an exciting and energizing opportunity for leaders to learn new skills.
  • Working together helps people relate better to each other.
  • Creating a safe environment provides leaders with the freedom to exercise their strengths.
  • Learning to support the strengths and goals of each other empowers everyone to accomplish their work with greater confidence.

Generally, an organization will establish a series of Coaching Group Sessions that are conducted over the course of several months. Together we will select topics and establish dates for the group coaching sessions. New learning material and practical methods to apply specifically in your context will be provided during each session. Session topics can be customized and/or developed for the learning and growth needs of your organization or type of leadership skill where growth is desired. These sessions are delivered most effectively in a 90-minute block of time per session. This allows for a review of progress from previous work, discussion on material related to the new topic and group work.

Topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Personal Growth
  • Effective Communication
  • Building Authentic Relationships
  • Resolving Conflict in a Healthy Manner
  • Extending Care and Compassion
  • Matching Organization Mission with Personal Mission
  • Navigating Transitions 
  • Identifying and Using the Strengths of the Group 

Contact me to discuss your interest and cost of Small Group Coaching.