Reflecting on Reflecting

You may notice that over the summer opportunities that invite us to renew our daily journey.    In our renewing, we may want to do some “reflecting on reflecting.”  Reflecting is defined as thinking about something seriously.  In Ken Gire’s book, The Reflective Life, he says that “Living reflectively provides opportunities during our day for a closer look at things, at people, at ourselves and at our God.”  We can do our reflecting in so many ways – thoughtful thinking as we drive, during devotions or prayer, as we listen to the hardships or joys of others as they share.  We can reflect or think thoughtfully about our day and what got accomplished as much as what is left to do.

Maybe most important is the work of “reflecting on our reflecting.”  What I mean is, are we thinking about whether or not we are reflecting the love of God, the grace of God, the Fruits of the Spirit, etc?  To reflect in that sense is to bend back a light so that it can be seen coming back from the source that sent it and visible to others.  As we live are we concerned that others see the light in us, God’s light reflected?

Many years ago, at a retreat I had helped plan we were using the theme of reflecting Christ’s love.  As we planned and were doing research on how we could bring home the idea of reflecting Christ I began to search for some music that would be helpful in achieving our goal.  The Lord led me to a song I had never heard before and perhaps you haven’t either.  The song is entitled, Portrait of Jesus.  Some of the words go like this,

Make me a portrait of Jesus,

Paint his love over my sin,

Make his eyes shine like a light through mine,

 Make me a portrait of him.”

To really bring home the concept of reflecting in a visual way, a gifted artist and painter prepared a canvas of a person looking into a mirror.  The painting was almost finished and a piece of smooth foil was inside the frame designed to represent the mirror.  As the singer began to sing the song our artist began to finish the painting and as the song came to an end she pulled back the foil in the mirror and it revealed a painted image of the face of Jesus.

The room was very quiet as each person considered the message of the mirror and seeing the reflection of Christ, the eyes of Christ.  It was quiet for quite a long time as the words of the song were read,

“Make me a portrait of Jesus

Paint His love over my sin.

Make His eyes shine

Like a light through mine

Make me a portrait of Him.”


We were a group of all different kinds of people, of all different ages and experiences.  If any of us had faced a mirror we would have seen our distinct face but we were all, in that moment, reflecting on reflecting.

What do you want to reflect today?


Cecelia Dachtler, MA

Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Director

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